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Personal Staf for Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes and Tourism PDF Print E-mail
SI.No Name Designation
1 Shri. K. Shashidhara Private Secretary
2 Shri. K.J. Joseph Special Private Secretary
3 Adv. Nasarulla Additional Private Secretary
4 Shri. Fooad R.M. Additional Private Secretary
5 Shri. Ravi. C Additional Private Secretary
6 Shri. C. Janardhanan Additional Private Secretary
7 Shri. T.C. Theyyan Assistant Private Secretary
8 Shri. P.D. Suresh Babu Asst. Private Secretary
9 Shri. Mahesh Kumar. S Asst. Private Secretary
10 Shri. Anilkumar. T Addl. Personal Assistant
11 Shri. M. Narayanan Addl. Personal Assistant
12 Shri. A. Sasidharan Nair Addl. Personal Assistant
13 Shri. P.K. Haridasan Addl. Personal Assistant
14 Shri. P. Madhavadas Addl. Personal Assistant
15 Shri. Shibu George. K Addl. Personal Assistant
16 Shri. Azeez Cheeranthodi Personal Assistant
17 Shri. Madhusudhanan Nair Assistant
18 Shri.D.J.Ajithkumar Typist