Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018
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SI.No Name Designation
1 Shri. K. Radhakrishnan Private Secretary
2 Shri. A.G. Anilal Special Private Secretary
3 Shri. B. Surendran Nair Additional Private Secretary
4 Shri. M. Muraleedharan Additional Private Secretary
5 Shri. A. Rajendra Kumar Assistant Private Secretary
6 Shri. Zulfikker Ali M Assistant Private Secretary
7 Shri. T.M. Skaria Assistant Private Secretary
8 Shri. V. John Thomas Assistant Private Secretary
9 Shri. Rex Antony Assistant Private Secretary
10 Shri. N.N. Shibu Personal Assistant
11 Shri. Salu Joseph Additional Personal Assistant
12 Shri. B. Prasad Additional Personal Assistant
13 Shri. John K.J. Additional Personal Assistant
14 Shri. Nisham Mohammed Additional Personal Assistant
15 Shri. Dilish P.C. Assistant
16 Shri. Sunilkumar S Clerk
17 Shri. Sindhu P.R. Typist