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Personal Staff of Minister for Finance, Law and Housing PDF Print
Name Designation
1 Shri.Jacob varghese Private Secretary
2 Shri.Anil.P .Antony Section Officer
3 Shri.D.Sarat chandran Special Private Secretary
4 Shri.Jayachandran.R Additional Private Secretary
5 Shri.P. Gopakumar Additional Private Secretary
6 Shri.James.P.C Assistant Private Secretary
7 Shri.Joseph thomas Assistant Private Secretary
8 Shri.K.M.Thankachen Assistant Private Secretary
9 Shri.M.V.Markose Assistant Private Secretary
10 Shri.P.M.Mathew Assistant Private Secretary
11 Shri.Siby mathew Assistant Private Secretary
12 Shri.Xavier.CC Personal Assistant
13 Shri.Augustian.J Personal Assistant
14 Shri.George.PJ Special Personal Assistant
15 Shri.Vijay jose Special Personal Assistant
16 Shri.Sinu.M.B Additional Personal Assistant
17 Shri.P.Gopakumar Additional Personal Assistant
18 Shri.Thomas kutty Additional Personal Assistant
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