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Personal Staff of Minister for Industries, Information Technology and Urban Affairs PDF Print
SI.No Name Designation
1 Shri.Abbas Abdul Private Secretary
2 Shri.Mohammed musthafa.A.K Special Private Secretary
3 Shri.Vijayakumaran.C Special Private Secretary
4 Shri.Nisarudeen Rawther Assistant Private Secretary
5 Shri.K.T Saadulla Assistant Private Secretary
6 Shri.Saji Hakkim Assistant Private Secretary
7 Shri.Muhammed Ali .A.E Additional Private Secretary
8 Shri.S.Satheesh Kumar Additional Private Secretary
9 Shri.Ahammed kabeer.Y Assistant Private Secretary
10 Shri.Shemim khan.S.H Assistant
11 Shri.Nizar KodaliKunnan Personal Assistant
12 Shri.Muhammed Gazali Special Personal Assistant
13 Shri.Nizzar.A Additional Personal Assistant
14 Shri.Vettichira Moidu Additional Personal Assistant
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